Drills are an essential part of martial arts training because they build the speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) necessary for self-defense and foot drills are especially important in Tae Kwon Do due to the art’s emphasis on kicking.

The high-intensity kicking, twisting, punching, blocking and jumping movements’ characteristic of Tae Kwon Do drills help the martial artist not only improve their self-defense skills but improve athletically. Practiced in a series of very short time periods, the physical movements that comprise these drills provide students with the benefits of an aerobic workout by placing them within 90 to 100% of their individual target heart rates while building the muscles necessary to reach the appropriate level of endurance. In addition to building confidence, Tae Kwon Do drills increase the student’s ability to concentrate and focus when practiced with proper breathing techniques.

In this video Martial Arts USA owner and adult student instructor Emad Ayyash demonstrates the basic zigzag drill. The drill is designed to improve the student’s kicking skills and coordination by combining a front kick with a roundhouse kick.

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