Two young ladies claimed a 2nd degree black belt at Martial Arts USA in Orland Park Illinois in March 2015. This is a very high honor for these distinguished young women and demonstrates not only their skill and capabilities in Tae Kwon Do but sets the stage for their leadership abilities.

Most people don’t recognize that a black belt is not the highest rank achievable in martial arts. There are different degrees of a black belt which each carry the mastery of different skill sets as well as greater responsibility at the school and a leadership role teaching lower belt students.

A second degree black belt not only means achievement but indicates leadership, a very important goal of studying martial arts. How can this of leadership assist young women?

1. Academic performance – A more disciplined body leads to a more disciplined mind. The self-discipline provides a young woman with great framework for achieving her goals including academics.

2. Making responsible choices – acting with integrity is a tenant of Tae Kwon Do. Students are responsible for their choices inside and outside the Dojang. This level of responsibility builds character and leads to better choices when influenced by peer pressure.

If you have a young woman in your family that could benefit from the leadership, self-discipline, perseverance, and self-control that martial arts offer, look no further than Martial Arts USA. We are a leader in the state of Illinois for martial arts instruction. Our 5th degree black belt instructor Master Nardi has over 20 years’ experience teaching children and teenagers. We don’t just build black belts, we build character.

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