Most people know that a black belt in martial arts demonstrates a high level of skill. But most people are unaware of the fact that black belt attainment can be followed by several degrees indicating greater level of skill and mastery. The 2nd degree black belt is the first level of this higher belt and provides a new level of prestige for the student, often times preparing them to be a junior level instructor (depending on age) especially to lower belt children and teenagers.

A few Martial Arts USA students recently passed the test to become 2nd degree black belts by demonstrating a higher level of mastery, determination and focus, scholarship, time in belt, and contribution to the community.

Martial Arts USA requires that black belt students have a minimum of two years of practice under Master Nardi, learning the duties of an assistant instructor, and becoming an Udanja (black belt holder) in the Academy. In addition to these requirements the test includes:

  • Mastery of the Poomsae Koryo and Keumgang forms in addition to knowledge of all past Palgwe 1- 8 forms which may be done one of three ways: standard, reversed or eyes closed.
  • Combination kicking #1 – 22 and high belt #1 – 9. In addition to kicking with height and accuracy there may also be a speed test which shows the student’s ability to go through the combinations during a short duration of time.
  • Demonstration of white belt through deputy black belt hand techniques. The power hand techniques are tantamount with an emphasis on muscle contraction and resistance.
  • Speed break with the hand.
  • Select and demonstrate a basic one-step self-defense technique along with a knife defense of the student’s choice.
  • Station breaking comprised of four kicks in a squared frame.
  • Power breaking two boards for students under 21 and an edging brick for students over 21.

Martial Arts USA takes great pride in the achievement of a 2nd degree black belt by our students and the contribution that these individuals make not only to the Dojang but to the Orland Park community.