Learning martial arts can be challenging even for the most skilled of athletes and people with good kinesthetic abilities. But did you know that Martial Arts USA incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) in our Tae Kwon Do instruction not only to assist our students attain black belts but to become top performers in all areas of their lives. By incorporating “behavioral modeling” techniques through the use of certain verbal cues our instructors are able to program moves into the students’ minds. Note how Master Nardi uses these techniques in the above video.

Originally developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder at Stanford University, behavioral role modeling includes selecting a leader in your field, breaking down the different skills that the expert performs, and modeling those skills exactly like the expert. The phrase, “perfect practice makes perfect,” is at the core of NLP.

By utilizing the way your brain already works to create peak performance, NLP allows students to learn martial arts more effectively and quickly. If you listen carefully to the above video you can get an idea of some the techniques or learning modalities. These techniques include:

1. Visualization. This technique is very popular and your instructor may ask you to visualize a kick punch or drill in your mind before you execute it.

2. Reframing. If you didn’t execute a skill as well as you thought you would you might characterize this as a failure or use another word which isn’t really accurate. Your instructor will prompt you to call it something different and may even have you say it out loud.

3. Anchoring. This is a powerful technique that teaches students to transform negative emotions into positive performance. Frequently the instructor will focus on a specific keyword to help students remember a key skill or help an individual student program a new keyword or action into successful performance.

This and other training techniques are used at Martial Arts USA to create excellence. Call Martial Arts USA at 708.995.7974 to discover your true potential through martial arts.