Martial Arts USA in Orland Park strides to help the martial arts community at large by providing valuable Taekwondo information. Many people would be surprised to find that beginner students have a really hard time tying their belts. While it may not seem complicated there are a great number of people aimlessly searching YouTube for videos for a solution.

The steps to tying a color belt are:

  1. Place the middle of the belt below your navel.
  2. Pull the belt sides around your back – switching hands on the sides once you reach the back of your body.
  3. Pull the new sides to the front and straighten them so that they are even.
  4. Place the right side over the left side and loop it under — UP and through — the belt center at your naval — making sure to go underneath the part of the belt wrapped closest to your body.¬†This is now called a weave – when both sides are pulled in opposite directions will tighten the belt around your waist.
  5. Take the two ends and tie a knot.

There should be an overlap in the belt on your back.

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