Focus is important in everyday life for adults to properly prioritize their workday and their home life while children need focus to fend off the increasing number of daily distractions that they are constantly bombarded with. Fortunately the study of martial arts contributes to the development of focus in your life. Here are five ways that martial arts will help you develop a better sense of focus in your life:

1. Discipline Drills. Regardless of the exercise, drill or instruction the ability to consistently focus is asked of all students. Many times you may be asked to focus on the form of another student in addition to your own in order to increase your performance.

2. Belt Testing. Consistent belt testing creates both short and long term goals for adults and children alike. Setting and achieving goals has been called a master skill in life that directly leads to increased performance at work and better grades in school.

3.Focus on Breathing. Taekwondo requires that students continuously monitor and control their breathing. This level of focus enables student to pay attention to only what’s important and block out distractions, whether they be mental or physical.

4. Kata. These series of movements taught as part of the martial arts instruction must be executed with timing and form. Because the ability to repeat these exercises requires a level of concentration similar to meditation it is an important focus builder.

5. Leadership. Higher-level belts are often asked to instruct lower-level belts in various forms and techniques. This leadership assumption requires a consistent focus on the performance of newer students.

Focus is indeed an important aspect of martial arts.

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