Many adults take martial arts classes for different reasons such as mastering a skill, building confidence, self-defense as well as fitness and weight loss.

If your goal is to get fit and lose a few pounds you might want to something to your martial arts training regimen: Sleep.

The Better Sleep Council reports that most Americans do not get an adequate amount of sleep and that between the ages of 19 and 55 we need approximately eight hours of sleep a night to function.

Are you getting eight hours of sleep a night?

If you aren’t, you’re shortchanging your body and your fitness and weight loss results. Health, weight and energy are directly related to adequate rest. A University of Chicago study reported that young adults who only got four hours of sleep per night showed early signs of prediabetes and other health conditions within just two weeks.

Apparently, sleep is way more important for health than we ever thought. Getting more sleep will improve your fitness goals in martial arts and also improve your concentration when you’re in class or at work.

Sleep might be the best kept secret in your arsenal towards better fitness and success in martial arts.

Martial arts require a level of concentration that most fitness does not. You have to be on point and 100% present and conscious during a martial arts class or you could hurt yourself, the instructor or other students.

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