It’s not surprising that 50 percent of our students are girls and young women when you consider that they are frequently not taught the elementary self-defense techniques that could save their lives and the awareness of their surroundings which can better prepare them for danger. Martial arts will teach your daughter to protect herself in the face of an attacker even if that person is larger in size, possesses a weapon or creates other threatening circumstances.

Further, because the study of martial arts promotes physical fitness, it can provide your daughter with the confidence to help overcome the common insecurities about her physical appearance and changing body during puberty. Increased confidence is probably one of the biggest payoffs for the martial artist and can prove valuable for girls overwhelmed about body image by redirecting your daughter’s focus on her abilities, strength and technical skills. The fact that all the students wear the same uniform can be a very freeing experience for young girls who are always worried about their appearance.

By teaching girls that with enough work and dedication the can achieve anything, Taekwondo enables your daughter to experience success as she progresses in her training while at the same time teaching her to become goal oriented.

Martial arts training will also improve your daughter’s coordination and body strength while developing a sense of community with her classmates. This feeling of belonging makes martial arts training a fulfilling experience for girls and frequently leads to their taking on leadership positions in the do jang which includes the mentoring of younger students.

Tae kwon do in Orland Park at Martial Arts USA improves your daughter’s physical strength, confidence, self-defense, and focus. Martial Arts USA is a girl friendly, family friendly martial arts school in Orland Park that will give your daughter the skills she needs for success in life including respect and discipline. Bring your daughter by for a tour and see all of our girls achieving and succeeding in martial arts.