Hi this is Master Nardi at Martial Arts USA in Orland Park Illinois and we’re talking today about the meaning of the colors in the Dojang some of which is taken from the traditional South Korean philosophy and some of it is taken from my own philosophy and what each color and each belt represents.

The white belt is the clean blank slate like new fallen snow and is undisturbed and pure.

The yellow belt stands for the rays of the sun

The orange belt stands for the fire within the rays of the sun that heats the earth

The greenbelt stands for the plant life and vegetation that sprouts off from the ground once enough sunlight has matured the seed

The blue belt stands for the sky which the green plant life and vegetation reaches for as the student becomes higher and higher about

The brown belt is the color of the earth for grounding and being solid and balanced on your feet. The high brown belt which contains black in it represents more time and experience from the blackness of outer space color. The meaning of which is the holding of all knowledge.

The red belt is the color of vitality, blood, the lava within the earth and passionate intensity. The high red belt with black signifies more wisdom from the black universe in which the stars shine.

Lastly the deeply black is a combination of black and red, with black on top slowly coming down from the outer space black belt itself, is the inclusion of all knowledge the color of the universe. Younger children have gold writing to show the sun is young while older belts have white writing just like stars in the night sky appear to be white and bright.

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