Emad Ayyash, Owner, Adult Instructor

After graduating from Carl Sandburg High School, Emad Ayyash went to college to be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. He as always enjoyed helping others. He also had interests in business administration which started when he helped his father run a neighborhood grocery store in the city of Chicago. After seeing his father work so hard for so many years, he made the decision to change careers and take over and run the family business allowing his father to semi-retire. In ten years he has taken it from a corner grocery store to supermarket level with now four locations including a restaurant. He has always believed in hard work and dedication in finishing what you have started.

Since childhood Emad always had an interest and wanted to be involved in martial arts. Once he enrolled his daughter for Tae Kwon Do he decided to commit to learning what he always wanted to do. After achieving his black belt, he decided to take his passion for Martial Arts even further. Unfortunately when the school that his daughter and him attended was suddenly closed, students and parents were left disappointed and confused. Emad disappointed and confused himself that he could no longer train at the school him and his daughter attended for years, decided to do something about it. Instead of doing what was suggested to the students of going to another school in another town, he decided to open up his own school in the same town with the same program and same children’s instructor so they could finish what they started. After hard work, the school is now open and running and everyone is happy to be back in training!

Master Nardi, Head Children’s Instructor

Joseph Nardi is a 5th degree Black Belt, World Certified, Kukkiwon Affiliated with over 30 years experience. He is especially gifted and patient working with Children. My personal mission statement: ” I believe in giving my students the BEST possible service. As a Master Instructor I am dedicated to instructing ALL of my students in assisting them to reach their personal goals using knowledge, discipline and compassion in a safe and friendly environment where children can mature into genuine martial artists.” Cell: 708.212.1507 E-mail: WriteJoe72@aol.com Facebook: Master Joseph Nardi